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C3: Connemara Pony of Show

Equine ➤ Ponies ➤ Pony Championships Mon 7th Aug 2023
Sponsored by
Michael Mahony
Ponies - Opening Notes


Horse riding is a dangerous sport and all competitors in Ridden Classes are strongly advised, for their own safety, to wear appropriate head gear which complies with up to date safety standards.

5% of prize money will be deducted for I.S.A Championship. Please note Rule 17.

No entries permitted on day of event.

Prizes:   1st - €50.00 , 2nd - €30.00

For the Michael & Maura Mahony Cup.

Ponies - Closing Notes

Important Notice for Exhibitors

Exhibiting animals can be dangerous as they are unpredictable. Bonniconlon Show advise all exhibitors to have their farm insurance extended to cover showing animals, as they may be liable or part liable in an accident by their animal.

This is a Championship Class. Entry via Qualifing Classes.
Qualifying Classes
Class 37: Registered Connemara Pony 1 Year Old Filly or Gelding
Class 38: Registered Connemara Pony 2 Year Old Filly or Gelding
Class 39: Registered Connemara Filly
Class 40: Registered Connemara Gelding
Class 41: Registered Connemara Mare 6 Years & Under
Class 42: Registered Connemara Mare Over 6 Years
Class 43: Connemara Filly Foal by Registered Parents
Class 44: Connemara Colt Foal by Registered Parents
Class 45: Non Registered Connemara Pony Filly, Gelding or Mare
Class 46: Registered Connemara Pony Stallion